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Mother Dog Abandoned by Owner both Legs Crushed by Train, but Still Tries to Care for 4 Small Pups

When you see the awful plight of abandoned stray dogs, it’s impossible not to cry. However, not every mother dog is as fearless, resilient, and devoted to her pups as Si Bao.

This dog, who had been “mercilessly abandoned” by its owner, was involved in a fatal accident in which a train crushed her back legs. Until Si Bao gave birth to four extremely beautiful and healthy pups, who essentially became the driving force in this wretched mother dog’s existence, her life seemed hopeless.

Si Bao recovered her spirit after regaining the joy of living after having children, and she has since maintained a resilient and strong attitude to care for her kids. Si Bao moved along on his two front legs while keeping a close eye on the kids.

When the Jill Robinson-founded charity Animals Asia saved his family and appointed this valiant mother dog as an animal ambassador, Si Bao’s good fortune only got better. As a result, Si Bao has been moved to the organization’s headquarters where he can start a new life with his child instead of attempting to support himself by collecting food scraps from passengers along the train track. Only Muddie has managed to survive.

In addition, Lelly has changed her name from Si Bao and plans to get wheeled prosthetic legs installed so that she may move about more easily. When the group discovered Lelly’s four puppies, three had already passed away from high fevers, leaving only Muddie.
Lelly is currently enjoying life to the fullest in her role as Animals’ “Asia animal” ambassador.