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Dog refuses to leave grave – then a woman sneaks closer to find the truth

When the image of this dog digging a hole in front of a gravestone first spread on the internet, people thought she was mourning her dead owner and wanted to see her owner again.

But the truth turned out to be quite different.

The photographer who took the picture is Vesna Mihajloski, who lives in Serbia. She approached the grave to see why the dog had dug a hole – and made a wonderful discovery.


It turned out that the dog wasn’t trying to dig up the grave at all. She dug the hole for a completely different reason.

She had recently given birth to four small puppies.


The mother dog wasn’t mourning a lost owner at all, but was just a street dog looking for shelter for her puppies. She was weak and bloated, so Vesna brought her some food and water.


After Vesna gained the dog’s trust, she brought the whole family home with her.


At last, the puppies and their mother were safe and didn’t have to freeze in a graveyard anymore.

The puppies were finally able to nurse in peace and quiet, and they rapidly grew.


Vesna’s yard turned out to be the perfect place to play.


The puppies got lots of food and love.

Vesna took them to the vet to make sure the whole family was healthy and to get them fixed. That way, they wouldn’t be able to have more puppies who might have ended up on the street.


Look how much they’ve grown!


I really hope all four puppies get loving forever homes and don’t have to live on the street. How wonderful is it that there are animal lovers out there who care about these street dogs!



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