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Once Abandoned, Now These Dogs Ride On Their Very Own Train

Eugene Bostick had been retired for twenty years when he took up a new hobby: rescuing unwanted dogs. But saving them wasn’t enough; he wanted to give these unloved dogs something extra special, and so he did.

Living in a rural area near Fort Worth, Texas, where many people heartlessly dumped their unwanted animals, Eugene couldn’t bear to witness so many dogs suffering, wandering about in search of the people who abandoned them. So, he decided to take action.

Twenty years after his retirement, Mr. Bostick welcomed his first rescue dog into his home. He provided them with food, water, and, most importantly, showered them with love. He worked to mend their broken hearts by giving them affection and attention, showing them that he cared deeply for them.

Thankfully, he lived on a twelve-acre farm, providing ample space for his new furry friends. In addition to the dogs, the farm was also home to ducks, geese, tortoises, rabbits, goats, and birds, forming a loving community of animals that now called the farm their sanctuary.

Wanting to make the dogs’ lives even more special, Eugene built them a train. Each “car” was a little blue barrel with a seat and a harness to keep the pups safe and secure. The train was pulled by a John Deere tractor.

Once all the dogs were aboard, they set off into the community or nearby land, transforming from abandoned creatures to passengers on their very own train. These lucky pups now had someone kind and fun to care for them.