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Nobody Wanted To Adopt This Pup With Special Needs Until He Went Viral

Life can be difficult as a dog in a shelter. That is especially true if you are a special needs puppy.

Although Jack certainly fit into that category, it turned out well for him after he found his forever home.

Unfortunately, Jack had some difficulty as a result of spina bifida and, although he was only nine months old, he just couldn’t seem to find a home. He was even given a special day out by his foster team and it was posted on Facebook by Peaches Bully Rescue in Ohio.

After dressing him up and getting him ready for a 40-minute drive to meet his new owners, they ended up ghosting him. Unfortunately, he had not found his forever home with that family.

They went on to say that they had respect for the volunteers that were giving Jack a chance at finding a home. They also realized that when he did find a home, it would be just right for him.

After making that post on Facebook, Jack went viral and it wasn’t long before a family was on the hook. In fact, his story was viral enough that even People Magazine, The New York Post, and The Today Show covered it!
Nobody Wanted To Adopt This Pup With Special Needs Until He Went Viral
Suddenly, hundreds of applications were pouring into the rescue after more than 3 million people saw Jack’s story.

It wasn’t just people from the United States, there were families from other countries, including Australia, the UK, and Germany that offered to give him a home.

Even though Jack has to wear a diaper because of his health condition, he is loveable and will make a fine addition to the right home.

Fortunately, the right home was found!