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Police Officers Were Baffled After Figuring Out Who Made 16 Emergency Calls In 30 Minutes

Working in the police department means that you always have to prepare for unexpected calls from those in danger. Unfortunately, prank calls that irritate police officers are not unusual.
Nonetheless, the crank calls from some fluffy residents in Lakeville, Minnesota, made the police burst out laughing.
Source: FOX 9

It was a day in February 2019 when the 911 dispatcher in Minnesota’s police department received a call. Strangely, the only sound they heard on the other side was the dogs’ bark.

Though the police had no idea what happened, they strived to figure out the phone’s location before sending two officers, Michelle Roberts and Emily Bares, there.
Officer Michelle Roberts remembered: “By the time we got there they had gotten three more 911 calls in that span of time. In a couple of them they heard dogs barking in the background but no human voices at all.”

When they arrived at the place, they found a locked house without people inside. After checking the areas around the property but finding nothing, the two police officers intended to leave. However, the calls kept coming in, so they returned and tried their best to contact the house owner.
Eventually, they found a way into the property to catch red-handed two dogs, a hound mix and his Papillon partner. The fact startled the officers as they never imagined they had received 16 emergency calls from those puppies in 30 minutes. They were released as it turned out to be a silly situation instead of an urgent and dangerous case.Source: FOX 9

The two dogs, Remy and Bomber, were bashful at first, but later, they became active and friendly. They wanted to be pet and loved to draw the officers’ attention. “They barked at first and then they were a little timid,” Roberts said. “But that didn’t last very long. They just wanted to be petted and they were super friendly.”
After walking around the house, Roberts found a cellphone on the desk, and she believed it had become a play toy for the naughty dogs. “It was on ‘emergency call only,’ so the dogs would have only had to hit the screen with their paw or their nose and that would have enabled them to call 911,” Roberts explained.Source: FOX 9

Even the homeowner found this situation unbelievable until he heard the 911 record with the dog bark. “He didn’t believe it was the dogs at all until he heard the 911 tape with the dogs barking in the background and you can tell they’re really close,” Roberts shared. “Then he seemed kind of baffled.”
Source: FOX 9

Luckily, the phone was fine after this unusual incident. “The homeowner did take the phone into AT&T to find out if there was anything wrong with the phone,” Roberts added. “They confirmed that there was not.”
What do you think about this hilarious story? Have you ever called 911 for help? What was your experience? Please write down your stories in the comment below!