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Newly adopted dog stares at the owner when he sleeps every night. When the owner finds out the reason, he cries

Adopting from a shelter house is a great way to help a lonely animal lead a better life with a family. Often, these animals have a backstory of personal tragedies, and these can show in their lives after adoption.

A man in China adopted a golden retriever from a shelter house. The dog was active and lovable, and everyone in the family adored the furry animal. However, one night, the man noticed the dog watching him from the door of his bedroom as he and his wife slept. A gate stopped the dog from getting inside the owner’s room, so the dog peered through a gate. The man was spooked.

However, he decided to think rationally rather than act on his emotions. So he assumed the dog wasn’t tired at night. He let the dog outside the house to play throughout the day to wear him off, thinking it would sleep at night if it were tired. That night, the dog still stood at the gate and stared at the owner while he slept.

The man reasoned the dog was physically ill and took it to the vet. The vet confirmed the animal was in its best shape.

By then, the man was more curious than scared and decided to go to the shelter house in search of answers. In the shelter house, the workers shared the dog’s story, which made the man cry.

Apparently, the dog was abandoned by its previous owner when the owner’s wife got pregnant. The couple felt they couldn’t care for a baby and a dog, so took the dog to the shelter after it fell asleep. When the dog woke up the next morning, it was in the shelter house, abandoned by its loving owners.

Upon reaching home, the man took down the gate and shifted the dog’s bed inside his room so that the animal would rest, knowing it wasn’t going anywhere. The man hoped this gesture would slowly reinstate the trust that its previous owner had broken.

The incident was shared by the owner on a social media platform, from where it went viral. It shows that dogs feel basic emotions like fear, love, and happiness like humans. Studies have proven that dogs secrete oxytocin, the hormone for happiness and love, making them love their owners unconditionally.