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Horse Keeps Hugging Pregnant Woman – When Doctor Looks At Ultrasound He Calls The Police

Animals are known to sense things that humans usually can’t. Dogs and cats have shown this trait, amazing their owners, and such incidents with horses aren’t popular. However, a recent event has shown that horses, like dogs and cats, can sense certain things.

Jolene Jonas and her husband, Ricky, were thrilled to learn that they were expecting a baby after years of trying. But their pet horse, Keola, didn’t share the same excitement as the pregnancy progressed, and she started to act strangely around Jolene. She would randomly hug Jolene or lick her belly, leaving the couple confused. Since they didn’t know what to make out of Keola’s response, they ignored it.

Jolene was having a healthy pregnancy until the 25th week when she started experiencing sharp back pain. Ricky rushed his wife to a nearby hospital, where the doctor conducted an ultrasound to check on the baby. Upon seeing the result, the doctor rushed to call the police without explaining the situation to the couple.

Ricky and Jolene’s Relationship wasn’t perfect

Ever since Ricky and Jolene met, he had been quiet about his family, saying even talking about them brought back bad memories. Eventually, Jolene stopped pressing the matter, and ten years after they met, they decided to get married. But she was met with a huge disappointment as she expected to finally meet Ricky’s family at their wedding – Ricky had only invited his friends.

The couple’s next goal was to try for a baby, but they couldn’t get pregnant. They consulted a doctor who carried out scans, and the couple was informed that they were both healthy. A few weeks after the results, they learned what they were expecting.

Everyone was happy except Keola. She started to lick and hug Jolene so much that the couple took her to the vet, who confirmed she was fine.

Why was Keola behaving weirdly?

Jolene studied Keola’s behavioral change online and learned that animals act in a certain way when something is wrong with the baby. Upon checking, their regular doctor confirmed the baby was healthy and asked the couple to return in the 25th week.

From the beginning of the 23rd week, Jolene started experiencing severe back pains. On the 25th week, Ricky rushed his wife to a nearby hospital due to unbearable back pain, where an ultrasound was carried out. The doctor immediately called the police after seeing the results.

He said, “I have to call the police.”

When the police arrived, they took Ricky aside to question him while Jolene was asked to undergo surgery for the baby’s well-being. Ricky was interrogated for hours before he was shown a few convicts and asked whether he recognized anyone.

Ricky was shocked to see their previous doctor, the same professional who they visited for check-ups, among the convicts. When Ricky shared this, the police informed him that Jolene had a medical chip inside her, which is illegal in the US. The chip regulates the medical needs of a pregnant woman. Since the medicines were purchased under Ricky’s name, the police were confused about his involvement.

Jolene underwent surgery to remove the chip, and after weeks, she delivered a baby girl named Giulia. The family and Keola are doing fine now.

What do you think? Was Keola’s weirdness a signal that something was off with Jolene?

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