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Dog Sleeps During Flight, And Its Underside Looks As If It’s Completely Disappeared

During a recent flight, a watchful flight attendant couldn’t help but notice a Labrador Retriever enjoying a peaceful nap on the cabin floor next to its owner. The pooch, seemingly exhausted, had drifted off to sleep with its upper body visible in the passenger aisle. Struck by the adorable sight, the stewardess decided to capture the moment on video and share it on social media, expecting heartwarming responses.

As soon as the video made its online debut, reactions poured in from various corners of the internet. Some curious netizens questioned how the dog had made its way onto the plane alongside the passengers, sparking lively discussions.

The video, shared by Russian stewardess Anastasiia on her Instagram account, showcased a harmonious and peaceful flight where passengers quietly occupied their seats. However, it was the slumbering canine that stole the spotlight. Anastasiia, from her seat in the crew section, discreetly filmed the adorable sleeping pup and posted it on social media with a caption that read, “This is our passenger! Very cute and well-behaved!”


The video quickly went viral, finding its way into numerous online communities. However, not everyone appreciated the heartwarming scene, particularly those who weren’t fond of dogs. Many left critical comments:
“Why do you let the dog sleep like this?”
“I really want to know, which airline allows dogs to enter the passenger cabin?”
“I may not be able to accept the dog next to the passenger on the plane.”

In response to these less-than-friendly remarks, the flight attendant offered a polite explanation:

“Hello, it is a guide dog, that’s why it’s in the cabin. It makes people understand that it’s reasonable for the owner to take the dog on the plane, and the dog is also tired because it has been performing tasks and protecting the owner all day long.”

However, among the netizens, dog lovers overwhelmingly showed their affection, leaving heartwarming messages:
I’m so envious. I also want to take my fur kid on the plane together.”
I’m glad this fur baby can be allowed in the cabin, but what airline is this?”
It looks exhausted. All in a day’s work.”
What a beautiful and healing picture!”
This passenger is very good; much better than some passengers with two legs.”