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Stray Dog Gets In Nativity Scene Manger – But She Has More Than Herself

In some cases, paying a little more attention to things around us could be surprising and even satisfying, just like what happened in this story.
At the time when everyone celebrates Christmas and New Year, a quaint Nativity scene was created in a small tent in the main square of Palenque, Mexico. Several typical holiday figurines were put on display in a serene atmosphere. Everything seemed perfectly normal until recently, the locals noticed an unexpected guest. It turned out that a stray dog gets in nativity scene manger and decided to take it as her shelter. But she was not alone!

Local journalist Eric Guzmán was one of those who noticed the dog curling up inside the tent. Interestingly, just like Mother Mary, the pup didn’t stop to merely relax. On the warm ground full of straw, she had given birth to a litter of adorable puppies. The stray must have struggled to find a place for her babies, but luckily she’d seen the manger.

“I was awestruck, and at the same time joyful seeing that she had her puppies in a safe place where they won’t get wet or cold,” Guzmán said. “It’s been cold lately in Palenque, but it’s usually hot throughout the year.”

Once the story about the pup family was spread, many people from Palenque paid a visit to see them and brought food and water to them. The community was excited to hear about the seeming symbolism of the dogs, and even local authorities got involved. The officials decided to allow the mother dog and her babies to stay.

On the other hand, animal activists from Dejando Huellitas S.O.S. Palenque tried to provide the dogs with care and shelter. They planned to find these lovable pups a forever home after the holidays.
While Guzmán didn’t see the birth of puppies in a religious view, he hoped the story could raise public awareness about animals. “Hopefully, we as citizens will become more aware when it comes to dogs, to adopt strays [rather than buy dogs],” Guzmán shared. “We should love dogs, no matter where they come from.”