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Abandoned Puppy Without Mother Born with Spinal Malformation, Nothing will hold her back

Introducing Tipsy! She was abandoned at birth and was a little baby.

She was found on the ground defenseless and close to passing out, according to PowShow, by a member of their rescue team. Because of their affection and attention, Tipsy is developing.


Tipsy began to walk after two weeks. They were unaware that she had a congenital spinal problem at the time because she didn’t exhibit any defects.

She was maturing even though it was a little early for weaning at a little over three weeks old. She was eager to try some meaty dishes.

“Unfortunately this was when we realized something was seriously wrong. She had been walking normally, and now she wasn’t walking at all. She regularly shuffled or dragged her rear legs. She still kept sensation (pain) and a sliver of motor function in them.”
“Until we were able to make an appointment with a neurologist, we started passive range of motion exercises and some physical therapy.”

Radiographs revealed that she had some kind of spinal fracture or luxation. Even in the early X-rays, the area of her T spine that was of concern showed loss of vertebral bodies and bone density.

She never shown any signs of pain, and we never saw a trauma that would have caused the fracture or luxation. The neurologist believed vehemently that this was a congenital problem and that she easily might have caused the anomaly without severe trauma.
She was progressing as long as we continued her physical treatment. She is the most driven dog in the world, and nothing can stop her!

Tipsy at 7 weeks old, her foster couldn’t believe they’ve gotten it this far, she can work, and even she can run a little.

She had her first acupuncture treatment yesterday, and afterward she calmly dozed off for around three to four hours.
She is receiving a wheelchair at the age of nine weeks, but her foster parents have discovered that because of how she reacts to objects around her, she has trouble using it. She is, however, beginning to get the hang of it after some practice.

Tipsy may run around the field and play with other dogs while in her wheelchair at 16 weeks of age. She enjoys this, and the other dogs enjoy playing with her.

She has matured for 20 weeks, but she is still the world’s happiest girl.