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Emotional Story: Kindness of Young Boy To Homeless Man and His Poor Dog

With a bag in his hand, Brian brought Carl and Goblin food daily. Suddenly, he heard barking in the early morning. Looking out of his window, he jumped out of bed. It was Goblin, standing on the porch, barking and looking very unhappy. As he opened the door, Goblin immediately ran to him. Brian knew something had happened to his owner when the dog whined and shivered…

Brian struggled to make friends. Police officer Gary tried to help him connect with his peers, but Brian had his interests. Gary put a lot of effort into helping his son gain confidence, but the more he pushed, the more Brian rejected him.
The school wasn’t far from home, but Brian always had Gary drive him there and back to avoid feeling insecure. During the winter, Brian read in the library while waiting for his dad. During the summer, he would wait outside the school. Over time, Brian grew close to Carl, a homeless man, and Goblin, his dog. He quickly developed a relationship with the animals since he saw them daily.

Brian was delighted when Gary went to pick up his son one day. To watch all the things the Golden Retriever was capable of. He was proficient in both dancing and high-fiving.
Gary was shocked to learn that his son had become friends with a fuzzy creature. Gary became irate when Brian revealed that Carl, the beggar on the street near the school, owned the dog. Without a doubt, he didn’t want his son to be around the homeless person.

“Listen, Brian, I want you to stay away from that man and his dog, OK?”, Gary said to Brian. And undoubtedly, “Carl’s OK and I love Goblin!” Brian opposed.
After then, the food mysteriously disappeared from the house. Brian was snatching it to give to Carl and Goblin. Gary was thrilled at the prospect of his son being with the dog. What irritated him was that the animal belonged to a stray.

Brian was awakened a few days later by loud barking. He noticed Goblin outside when he glanced out the window. He dashed towards him, sensing the dog’s distress. Brian kept asking where Carl was. Brian was afraid that something wrong had happened to Carl. He took Goblin to the station where his father worked. Brian had never walked so far by himself before.
Gary was shocked when he saw Brian at the police station with the dog by his side. Brian told his dad that Goblin came hunting for him. Gary’s face reddened. “Carl was loitering near a school and he was warned off twice, so we arrested him!”
However, Brian sobbed that Carl didn’t do anything wrong and he was not feeling well, and he requires assistance. He was a veteran who worked on the bomb squad and with sniffer dogs to discover bombs. That’s why Goblin was so skilled.

Gary was sorry for himself after recognizing his carelessness. He then resolved to do what his son had requested him to do. Gary searched for Carl’s sister and discovered she was yearning to find him. Then, Carl was taken to a mental health facility along with Goblin.

Gary returned home one day with a big smile and an odd lump under his jacket. He took out a wiggling puppy and handed it to Brian. Brian named the dog Goblin Two.
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