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Woman Sees Dog Tied To Hydrant, Next To Her Is Backpack Full Of Her Belongings

We understand that it may be difficult to part with a beloved pet, but it is important to think of what is best for them. Leaving your pet alone on the street is not a pet-friendly choice. There is no guarantee that someone will find them and take good care of them. In fact, it is more likely that they will suffer or even die.
Over the weekend, a dog named Baby Girl was found sitting calmly on the grass on a residential street in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

She was tied to a fire hydrant by her leash, creating the illusion that she was merely waiting for her owner’s return. This was Kylie Rose Engelhardt’s initial assumption when she came across Baby Girl.

She sat with Baby Girl for an hour, keeping her warm. However, as time passed and no one returned for the dog, Engelhardt realized she had been abandoned. Moreover, next to the dog, there was a backpack filled with her favorite things: food, treats, toys, and a poignant note.

“[I] sat outside with her for an hour keeping her warm waiting for someone to come back but no one did,” Engelhardt wrote on Facebook.
Knowing that she could not leave this puppy behind, Engelhardt then decided to bring her to the Wisconsin Humane Society.

“I did my best, everyone,” Engelhardt wrote. “Trust me, it breaks my heart, too.”
The image of Baby Girl with her belongings and the heartbreaking story gained significant attention from people at the shelter over the course of the week. Everyone at the shelter cares for her; it is lucky that the 5-year-old dog’s health is pretty good.

“She is doing well and getting lots of TLC from our staff,” Angela Speed, vice president of communications for the shelter, shared. “She loves her walks, toys and performs an adorable ‘sit’ for treats. She’s a happy and affectionate pup.”
Later, the Wisconsin Humane Society released a compassionate statement on Facebook, addressing Baby Girl’s previous owner directly.

They understood the difficulty of parting with a beloved pet and the challenges the owner faced. And as Baby Girl was promised to be safe and sound, the owner could actually take relief.
Not long after that, Baby Girl was finally available for adoption and she soon got her own loving home forever for the second time.