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A pit bull named Lola, who had spend more than 8 years in a garage, finally finds her happy place

The one word that best describes Lola’s existence prior to being rescued is wretched.
The pit bull spent her days sleeping on a garage floor while chained up inside a dark, filthy garage for eight years. She was never given any love or attention, nor was she given any veterinary treatment.

After some time, a woman came across Lola and contacted AMA Animal Rescue, a local New York-based animal welfare organization. Lola’s owner was convinced to give her up when a group of rescuers showed up.

No one would blame Lola for acting angrily or aggressively toward people given everything she had to go through. In contrast, when the rescue crew came upon Lola, she was amiable and adorable and couldn’t stop wagging her tail.
Michele Walsh, an AMA volunteer, told The Dodo, “We called her ‘wiggly butt’.” They walked out with her once she agreed to be let off the chain, and she was waving her adorable little tail, being quite nice, and giving everyone a big kiss.

Lola had certain tumors surgically removed at Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital after the team’s initial action was to transport her there. Before being adopted by Charlène von Saher of Manhattan, Lola spent a few months in foster care.
Lola has been living with von Saher for seven weeks, but she only needed a few days to feel comfortable and unwind.

According to von Saher, “She discovered where her little beds were, as well as what was soft and comfortable for her.”
On the couch, she sleeps.

in addition to the bed.

in addition to the patio furniture.

Von Saher predicts that Lola will reorganize things to suit her needs.
Von Saher alleged that the woman “actually took a throw pillow off of my bed and put it in her dog bed.” She had actually created a small bed for herself in her bed using my pillow when I got home, with her head on it. It was like a scene from “The Princess and the Pea”; I guess she liked having several cushions under her.

Sleeping in a dog bed is a pit bull rescue.

Even Lola was observed by von Saher dozing across two dog beds.

Two dog beds are occupied by a rescued pit bull. alternatively, you can stack dog beds.
Von Saher recalled that Lola had shifted the smaller bed onto the larger bed and positioned herself on top of it when she returned after a brief absence. The comedy was great. As soon as I entered, I was in shock.

As she was chained up in the pitch-black garage, Lola probably enjoyed the sun, which she also likes.
Von Saher learned the value of relaxing from Lola, that much is certain. Lola’s development into a spoilt, content puppy has been fun for Von Saher to witness.

According to von Saher, she appears to be getting better every day. It’s a common belief that adopting a dog actually saves two lives. This is so that if you take one, you make room for another dog to join the shelter or rescue organization.
Von Saher continued, “I just adore her.” My life has already benefited much from her.