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She Adopted a Sick Shelter Dog. What The Dog Did Next Left Many People In Tears

In a heartwarming tale of compassion and dedication, Kayla Falune, a devoted animal shelter


volunteer with the Philadelphia-based Animal Care and Control Team (ACCT) Philly, has captured the hearts of many as she embarked on a journey to rescue and rehabilitate a sick shelter dog named Russ.

At just 20 years old, Kayla had always been passionate about animals and had spent the past year voluntarily walking dogs to keep them fit, healthy, and socialized. Her connection with the shelter’s residents was undeniable, but one dog in particular had captured her attention – Russ, a pit bull who had endured unimaginable hardship before finding his way to ACCT Philly.

Russ had been found wandering the streets in a deplorable condition – painfully underweight, with visible ribs and patchy fur, indicating a life of neglect and possible abuse. On top of his physical challenges, Russ was also battling kennel cough, a respiratory virus that had taken a toll on his health. Despite his rough start, Kayla saw beyond his appearance and recognized the potential for a loving and affectionate companion.

Kayla’s dedication to Russ was unwavering. She took him for walks, provided the care he needed, and watched as he transformed into a well-behaved and loving companion. However, the odds were stacked against Russ as potential adopters overlooked him due to breed stereotypes and his previous appearance.

The situation took a dire turn when ACCT Philly faced overcrowding issues, placing Russ at risk of euthanasia. Faced with this grim reality, Kayla made a life-changing decision – she would adopt Russ and provide him with the loving forever home he deserved.

The adoption process wasn’t without challenges, as Kayla’s home underwent inspections to ensure a suitable environment for Russ. Passing with flying colors, Kayla’s determination culminated in the heartwarming moment when Russ stepped into his new home for the first time. His barks of joy and attempts to shower Kayla with hugs and kisses were a testament to the bond they had forged.

Russ settled into his new home seamlessly, showcasing his affectionate and grateful nature. He would stay by Kayla’s side, seeking cuddles and companionship at every opportunity. Kayla’s decision to share their journey on social media touched the hearts of many, shedding light on the power of second chances and the incredible transformations that can occur when love and care are given.

This story serves as a poignant reminder that compassion knows no boundaries and that every living being, regardless of past circumstances, deserves a chance to thrive and be loved. Kayla’s selflessness and dedication have not only changed Russ’s life but have also inspired countless individuals to reconsider misconceptions and embrace the potential for love and companionship that shelter animals offer.