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Rare Footage of Man and Little Bear Hugging and Playing

Cemal Gulas, a brave adventurer, is seen bringing his counterpart into a stream, where they participate in a fun water war before sharing a close embrace as though best friends.

The movie was shot as part of the The Asia Expedition project, which includes a 20-month journey from Istanbul to the Bering Strait.

The video, which is said to have been shot in the Altai Republic, will be used in a 40-minute documentary called Parenthood Of A Bear, which will examine the complexities of a much feared animal. ‘Come to me, son,’ Cemal is said to be asking with outstretched arms. In his own language, he says, “Come to me, son” and “Come to me, sweetie.”

Despite his comfort with his surroundings, the bear cautiously puts his toes into the flowing stream before flinging himself in with a splash at the base of the waterfall. Meanwhile, a rushing Cemal, fully clothed and standing at waist height in the water, starts to spray the bear, who retaliates with both front paws while balancing on his hind legs.

The two hug and tussle in a combination of noisy rough play and kisses on the forearm and neck, which the bear appears to love.

Even while wildlife experts believe that their threat is a myth, it is not behavior typical of this species of animal that is more commonly feared.