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If you ever notice your door handle with a rubber band on it do not touch it

Our home is our sanctuary. It is the place where we should feel safest, a place where we get to get the rest we deserve after a long and tiring day. Our home is our comfort zone and we should never feel threatened when inside.

In order to be sure that no one is violating their privacy, plenty of people install surveillance cameras on their property, but even in such cases, robbers find ways to enter people’s homes.

Recently, a Texan woman named Kim Fleming Cernigliaro shared a story in order to raise awareness and warn others of the recent trick robbers use in order to get inside your home.

Namely, she was home alone when she heard someone knocking on the door. The knocking soon turned into what sounded like pounding. However, as she wasn’t expecting anyone, she decided not to open the door.

As the knocking became even louder, she got a bit scared and decided to wait for a while before she goes outside and checks if anyone is still around.

After some time, as it looked like the person had left, she went downstairs and opened the front door and that’s when she noticed a rubber band on the door handle. Puzzled and unaware of what that might be, she decided to call the police and report the incident.

When the officers arrived at her home, they explained that other people from the area reported rubber bands being placed on their door handles and went on to explain why would robbers place them there.

As it turned out, when a homeowner answers and unlatches the door to open it, the rubber band props the latch open. This way, the criminals can easily push their way through and get inside the house. As the latch is kept open by the rubber band, the homeowner is unable to close the door and lock it.

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Kim is now trying to warn others to be extra cautious when they open their door to complete strangers.

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