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The Reason Behind Not Boiling Mashed Potatoes in Water

For my family, mashed potatoes are a cherished staple, beloved by all, even as I try to introduce healthier options. However, a TikTok tip from user Jourdyn (@jeauxp) changed the game: chicken stock.

Jourdyn’s twist? Leaving the potato skins on while boiling them in a mix of chicken stock and water. Curious, I gave it a shot.

The result? A subtle umami flavor infused into the potatoes, thanks to the broth, with an added rustic texture from the skins.

Encouraged, I experimented more, adding sour cream and chives to another batch. The flavor and presentation were elevated.

But my TikTok culinary journey didn’t end there. I learned other tricks, like adding nutmeg to spinach or using bread to soften brown sugar, expanding my cooking repertoire.

So, next time you’re making mashed potatoes, consider these unconventional twists. Whether it’s TikTok hacks or unexpected ingredients, you might find your next favorite recipe. Your taste buds will thank you!