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my daughter may have caught my husband cheating

I just tried posting this in an infidelity group but my account is too new. Im going to try to post this here even though I know this isn’t an actual advice page.

I was bathing our two daughter (5 and 2) about a week ago. When I was drying them off, my daughter was talking about being naked and how you’re only naked in private and for things like taking a bath. I told her yes that’s true. Then she said “that lady was naked on daddy.” I was confused. “What do you mean?” “Daddy and that lady were naked there.” She pointed to our bed. Wtf? I asked her who the lady was and she shrugged like she obviously didn’t know. I can’t think of what possible scenario she could have seen that could have been misconstrued as a naked woman on my husband. My mind was kind of blown and I can’t stop thinking about what she claims she saw.

He’s on his phone a lot. Always texting people. I haven’t asked him why he always has his phone glued to him, even in the shower. I feel uncomfortable demanding he hand over his phone.

He gets up very early to go to the gym now. Going to the gym isn’t new for him, but he used to go after work. Now sometimes he goes before work and after work, supposedly.

He is constantly horny and has been for the past few months. I’ve asked him what’s wrong with him. He says he doesn’t know, but it’s like he’s 18 again and he’s constantly getting hard and can’t stop thinking about sex. He never had a problem in this area but he was also never like this. He’s become obsessed with sex and constantly wants it. At first it was flattering and I felt desired and he wanted it seemingly from me so often that I never imagined he could be cheating. Now I’m wondering why did he suddenly go from being a normal man with a normal health s-e-x drive to being like a teenage boy?

None of these things by itself is super suspicious, other than what my daughter said. She doesn’t know anything else and had nothing further to share with me about what she saw or what daddy was doing and I don’t want to involve her any further.

What would you make of this? Do you think I’m being overly suspicious? Should I just come right out and ask him what in the hell our daughter was talking about? I’ve thought about it but if he has something to hide I don’t think he’ll admit it to me that easily.

Thank you for any help with this one.