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Beachcomber Finds Weird-Looking ‘Balls’ On Beach – He’s Shocked When He Sees What They Really Are

Beachgoers and families in Devon and Cornwall, UK, searching for seashells have stumbled upon a perplexing and eerie sight—a multitude of strange, otherworldly orbs littering the shores. These clusters of alien-like spheres have left both locals and tourists baffled and, in some cases, genuinely terrified.

The mysterious orbs, which have been spotted by families enjoying leisurely strolls along the coastline, have given rise to various theories and speculations. Concerned parents have been cautious, keeping their children away from the orbs due to fears that they might be poisonous or dangerous. Some have speculated that these bizarre spheres could be old baseballs or even remnants from outer space.

One dog walker, in particular, admitted to taking one of these orbs home as a memento but later discarded it in the bin, fearing that it could spring to life and pose a threat to their family. The strange and unidentifiable nature of these orbs has fueled imagination and concern alike.

However, marine experts have provided some clarity to the mystery. These peculiar spheres are not of extraterrestrial origin, nor are they poisonous. Instead, they are a common species of urchin known as a “sea potato.” These creatures typically live buried deep within the sandy ocean floor all along the British coastline.

Sea potatoes, which can measure up to three inches across, reside offshore and can survive at depths of up to 650 feet. When clusters of these creatures wash ashore, they leave behind their brown shells, which are often mistaken for mysterious orbs.

This recent discovery has raised some concerns, as experts suggest that this could be the largest mass death of sea potatoes in decades. Similar incidents occurred in the past, with the most notable one in May 1995 when hundreds of these urchins washed up on the South Coast of Britain. In that instance, a period of exceptionally calm seas allowed a dense plankton bloom to form over the seabed, suffocating the tiny urchins.

While marine biologists have resolved the Cornish mystery, many tourists and beachgoers remain bewildered and, at times, fearful due to the unfamiliar sight. Jess Arnison, a dog walker on holiday in Penzance, expressed her concerns about the strange orbs, describing them as “weird and a bit scary.” She urged experts to examine the orbs to ensure their safety.

As marine experts continue to reassure the public about the harmlessness of these sea potatoes, the enigmatic appearance of these alien-like orbs on British beaches has left an indelible mark on the imagination of those who encountered them during their summer holidays.