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He Asked Her How Many Men She Had Been With. The Ending Is Hilarious

In the course of our relationships, there tends to be a particular set of questions that we may pose to our partners. These questions might delve into topics like their hypothetical actions in the event of our passing or even more dire scenarios.

One of the common inquiries that often arises during the initial phases of a relationship pertains to the number of past partners a man and a woman have had. While this conversation isn’t always straightforward, it does occur with some frequency.

In the humorous anecdote that follows, this inquiry occurs for both the man and the woman, but it takes an amusing turn. A quick read will make this clear, and to put it simply, the punchline will leave you chuckling.

A newlywed couple is lying in bed when the husband questions his wife about how many men she has dated. She doesn’t respond to his questions and keeps looking up at the ceiling.

The spouse presses the issue and says, “Just share it with me; it’s okay. How many men have you been with?” assuring her that he would understand. The wife’s eyes are riveted above, as there is still no response.

“I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to upset you. I simply thought we could have an open and trusting relationship,” the spouse says after acknowledging that his words may have caused discomfort.

His wife, though, has remained silent. The spouse gives in and says, “That’s alright, please don’t be upset.”

The wife doesn’t respond to his attempts to comfort her. In an effort to close the gap between them, the husband starts to hug and kiss her affectionately while holding her close.

The wife seems to break her silence at this private moment. Her look has changed to one of frustration as she turns her attention from the ceiling to her husband. She exclaims, “Oh, come on! “ with a tinge of frustration. “You’ve made me lose count!”