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‘We’ll be deported since we haven’t paid our rent in months.’

Amy and Joshua, a young couple in their twenties with three children and one on the way, are on the verge of homelessness after being given only seven days’ notice to evacuate their rental house.

They have been unable to keep up with their rental payments since they depend on government assistance.

With their eviction coming soon, they are still determining where they will live after their current residence is no longer an option.

Amy and her partner were desperate for housing assistance, but none of their relatives could help. The only family member who tried to help was an uncle who lived in Somerset.

On the other hand, the housing organization threatened to remove them if they did not accept an offer that would split their family members.

The pair felt terrified and helpless because they had no other options.

Barnsley Council must give consistent messages to Joshua and his family, making it difficult to know what steps to take.

Even though Joshua and Victoria Robertshaw have lived in the same house indefinitely, Joshua’s name was not on the tenancy agreement. Only Victoria’s name was there. She died in August 2020, at age 45, due to COVID-19.

Joshua and his family are in an impossible situation because the council makes different decisions. Joshua is stubborn because he will not have to break up his family because of their other choices.

The judge gave an outright possession order, which said that the people living in a particular home had to leave within seven days.

A Sanctuary Housing spokeswoman said this decision took time but was made because the rent arrears built up after a long time of not paying rent.

The renters had been living in the house without paying their rent for months. The situation remains unresolved despite every effort to address it without legal action.

Barnsley Council has been working with the parties involved to find a new home for the residents as soon as possible, allowing them to make room for a family on Barnsley’s waiting list.

Jenny Platts, the Barnsley counselor in charge of the case, talked about it and said that the housing department had given the couple advice and help about possible alternatives.

Furthermore, they are doing everything possible to enable a quick search for suitable hotels.