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Parents kiss 1-year-old daughter goodbye and switch off life support, but then they hear her voice

When Lee and Francesca Moore-Williams noticed their 18-month-old daughter Bella losing clumps of hair, they were concerned for her health.

Initially, doctors believed she might have asthma. However, during a family holiday in Spain, Bella’s energy levels dropped, and she slipped in and out of consciousness. The family returned home, and Bella was admitted to the hospital.

A Heartbreaking Decision

Bella’s condition worsened, and she was unable to breathe on her own, requiring a ventilator. MRI scans revealed severe abnormalities in both hemispheres of her brain.

The parents were informed that nothing could be done to save Bella’s life, and they made the difficult decision to turn off the ventilator. The family gathered for a final goodbye and took a photo to remember their precious daughter.

An Unexpected Turn of Events
As the ventilator was turned off, Bella began to breathe on her own. To everyone’s astonishment, her oxygen levels rose to 100%. She was later diagnosed with Biotinidase deficiency, a rare genetic disorder affecting one in every 60,000 births. The condition can be fatal if left untreated but can now be managed with tablets.

Bella’s Remarkable Recovery
Five months after her hospital admission and the family’s heart-wrenching farewell, Bella was discharged and sent home. She started walking and is thriving. Although she is about eight months behind other children her age, doctors are confident she will catch up, as she is a bright young girl.

Francesca expressed her guilt for gathering family members to say goodbye but acknowledged they didn’t know the outcome at the time. The family will never forget the moment they had to say goodbye to their daughter.

Bella’s incredible recovery shows her fighting spirit, and her story is truly inspiring. Share this beautiful story with your family and friends on Facebook.