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Mom kicks daughter out of her house after her new husband admits he is attracted to her

This story was shared by a user on Reddit, and it garnered a lot of reactions. Everyone had a different take on the mother’s actions and the story she narrated. Keep reading to see what had the internet so riled up…

On July 24, 2023, a 55-year-old mother posted a story that left a lot of internet users shocked. Her username for Reddit was ‘Throwawayme4158‘ indicating that it was an anonymous account she did not want anyone to know about.

The 55-year-old mother revealed she had been married to her current husband for four years. Her current husband happened to be the step-father of her child.

Her daughter is a 23-year-old young woman who has been diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder (DID) after she witnessed her parent’s marriage fall apart.
When he daughter revealed to her mother that she was being bullied at her school, her mother did not take any action. She told her daughter that she thought all children are innocent, and if she said anything to her ‘bullies’ it would be the case of an adult harassing a child.

She mentioned how her daughter never forgave her for this. Other children had taken to calling her daughter “trash” because she had stopped taking care of her hygiene as a result of suffering from depression. Her mother’s solution to this was merely suggesting to her that she shower and buy her new clothes.
When her bullies were finally suspended and expelled, her daughter was finally safe from the harassment she faced at school. However, she never forgave her mother, even telling her that a volunteer at the school’s clinic said had she been her daughter, she would have permitted her to hit her bullies back.
The Reddit user felt that if she allowed her daughter to live with her while she graduated from college and looked for employment, it would help mend their relationship a little. She also thought finally seeing her mother in a healthy relationship would also affect her daughter positively.

However, it seemed her daughter was not getting along with her new husband. She mentioned how her daughter was introverted and prone to escapism and being on her own. So she would find it annoying when her step-father would sit and eat with her, when she wanted to eat alone.
Soon, the 55-year-old mother noticed how her husband seemed distant. And then the penny dropped when her daughter told her mother that she felt uncomfortable in her step-father’s presence and that “his eyes lingered for too long.”

In a heated confrontation, the husband finally revealed that he felt “attracted” to his step-daughter, and since she was in their home all the time, it felt like a “walking temptation.”

He also said this was the reason he was distant from his wife. The mother of the 23-year-old was upset but said she did not hold her daughter responsible for his attraction.

She needed time to process everything and could not do so with both her husband and daughter in the home. So she gave some money to her daughter to go and stay at an extended hostel for a while.

She also told her daughter to access her college’s emergency financial and housing resources. This upset her daughter, who told her biological father about his entire upsetting situation.

Her ex-husband was also upset by this development and painted his ex-wife as a villain on social media for abandoning her child. The mother, however, reasoned that she knew her daughter qualified for the emergency resources because of her ex-husband’s unemployment and massive debt.
The Reddit user explained that leaving the house with her daughter was not an option. She wanted to figure out first whether she wanted to save her marriage.

A lot of users reacted strongly to the post, saying the mother wrongly asked her daughter to leave when it should have been her husband who was asked to leave the home.

Another user called her a ‘terrible’ mother for failing to protect her daughter first from her bullies and then from her husband.

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