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What’s Inside an Airplane House?

Every day people spend thousands of dollars to sleep on an airplane, and unless you’re in first class, the experience is never great. In the jungles of Costa Rica, there’s an airplane you and your family can sleep in that will prove much nicer than the flying kind.

What used to be a vintage 1965 Boeing 727 airplane is now a 2 bedroom 2-bathroom hotel. Situated on top of a 50-foot pedestal in a national park, this unique living space will give you spectacular views of the jungle and ocean, you might even spot a sloth.

On the hotel’s website,, they say the airframe was salvaged from a San-Jose airport resting place, which they transported to the jungle using large trucks and one giant crane.

Welcome to the entryway of the airplane hotel. There are two patio areas on either side of the plane, and the views are amazing!

Upon entry, you will find the main living space, with a TV, giant windows, fast Wi-Fi, and a full kitchen area. It is also important to note that each room has its own air-conditioning unit. Over to the left is the main bedroom, with two queen size beds. All of the rooms are fitted with wood; even the chandeliers are made of wood. There are some fun touches though- the bedside lights use Vodka bottles as shades.

One of the best parts of this place is that they did not get rid of the actual cockpit, and that is also where you will find the first bathroom. All the controls were taken out, except for one set of foot pedals. All the windows are sealed shut, but they give you beautiful ocean views.

Check out the second bedroom. Again you will find another queen-sized bed, with the same styles and fittings from the first bedroom. The beds are very comfortable by the way. This room is a little more tucked into the jungle, being at the back end, so it does not get as bright in the mornings.

What one-of-a-kind hotel have you stayed in? Let us know below, we might want to see what’s inside.