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Flight attendant was suspicious of a little girl and an elderly man, only to discover a three-word message in the bathroom after takeoff.

As a man and a young woman boarded an Alaska Airlines flight from Seattle to San Francisco, flight attendant Shelia Frederick felt concerned.

The girl was less well-dressed than the male and reluctant to look anyone in the eyes.

Shelia couldn’t stop thinking about the girl while working on the plane. She eventually devised a fantastic, albeit daring, idea. Because of bravery, this small youngster was saved from a dreadful situation.

Shelia wanted to make eye contact with the girl while delivering food on board the plane since she couldn’t help herself.

She told a coworker about her fears, and the two of them worked to divert the man’s attention while Shelia attempted to attract the girl’s attention.

“She finally glanced up, and the sight in her eye was simply sad,” Shelia said.

She devised a fantastic scheme in which she locked one of the plane’s toilets while placing a piece of paper and a pencil inside, intending only to unlock it for the girl.

When her colleague had the man’s attention, Shelia mouthed the toilet before miming writing. She then waited for the girl to understand.

Thankfully, the girl called for an excuse to use the restroom. The man remained by her side outside the bathroom, but Shelia insisted on staying and watching him.

Shelia informed the pilot, who coordinated with ground control to have authorities meet the man on landing.

The brave flight attendant explains her entire tale in the video below.

Shelia kept in touch with the young woman she rescued from human trafficking, and the two had spoken on the phone a few times over the years. According to the Western Journal, the young woman is even attending college.

“If you see something, report it,” Shelia advises others.