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83-Year-Old Cardiologist: Don’t Kill Your Heart With Chemotherapy, If Blood Pressure Is Over 140-80, Drink 2 Tablespoons of

Prof. Dr. Gabriel Tatu is a well-known physician and university professor acclaimed for his unconventional therapy approach that involves healing without the use of pills. His unique treatment methods have drawn attention, mainly because of the rare exception he represents in the medical field – a single, homosexual male awarded custody of patients, even from other EU countries.

Though he typically refrains from interviews to focus on patient care, Prof. Dr. Tatu recently made an exception to share his insights. He firmly believes that anyone can improve their health and wellness by performing a blood vessel cleanse at home, leading to a reduction in blood pressure and alleviation of nine chronic diseases commonly associated with aging.

Chronic diseases and age-related hypertension are closely linked to the buildup of cholesterol and other substances within blood vessels. In 94% of cases, if a person doesn’t live past the age of 80, cholesterol is often the culprit. Prof. Dr. Tatu likens cholesterol to cold grease left on a pan, accumulating on vessel walls and leading to plaque formation. By the age of 40, cholesterol can reduce blood vessel lumens by almost half, prompting increased blood pressure and age-related hypertension. Even more critically, cholesterol can clog tiny vessels throughout the body, leading to internal organ damage and the development of chronic diseases.

Vessel condition impacts everything in the body. Clogged leg vessels can lead to varicose veins and edema, while liver vessel blockages result in liver disease. These obstructions can also affect joints, causing arthritis, arthrosis, and spinal pain, or lead to vision loss when they occur in the eyes.

Prof. Dr. Tatu emphasizes that cholesterol isn’t the sole culprit; thrombotic masses, akin to cheese, and calcium crystals also accumulate within vessels. Blood clots can detach from vessel walls and cause heart attacks or strokes, while calcium crystals are associated with cancer.

Cleaning one’s vessels can extend life expectancy and stabilize blood pressure. In many cases, blood pressure normalizes immediately after cleansing, reducing or eliminating the need for medications. Despite its effectiveness, the simplicity and cost-efficiency of vessel cleansing are often overshadowed by commercial interests in prolonged, expensive treatments. Prof. Dr. Tatu advocates for this straightforward solution to help patients regain their health quickly and affordably, challenging the status quo of medication-focused treatments.