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Dunkin’ Donuts Announces It Is Closing Stores For Good

For years, Dunkin’ Donuts has been accretion its attendance beyond the United States, affiliated to Starbucks, as a coffee boutique and bakery alms locals a acceptable atom to amuse their caffeine cravings on every artery corner. In New England, Dunkin’ Donuts outlets are about ubiquitous, with assorted locations generally aural abutting proximity.

However, Dunkin’ afresh apparent affairs to abutting bottomward 450 establishments amid aural Speedway food forth the east coast. This agency that individuals acclimatized to avaricious donuts or coffee while refueling their cartage ability accept to accomplish do with lower-quality gas base coffee and prepackaged donuts instead of Dunkin’s signature offerings.

The Dunkin’ branches anchored aural gas stations accept contributed alone minimally to the company’s revenue, accounting for “less than 0.5 percent of Dunkin’s calm sales in 2019,” according to Scott Murphy, the admiral of Dunkin’ Americas. In ablaze of this, Kate Japson, the arch banking officer, fabricated the cardinal accommodation to shut bottomward these locations and alter the assets into added assisting outlets.

Japson stated, “By alternate these sites, with basal banking repercussions, we ahead accession ourselves bigger to serve these barter areas in the approaching with new Dunkin’ NextGen restaurants that action an broadcast menu.”

She added explained, “We will be closing 450 limited-menu Dunkin’ Speedway endemic and operated locations throughout 2020, as allotment of a abortion acceding with Speedway. These limited-menu sites represent lower aggregate units, collectively authoritative up beneath than 0.5 percent of Dunkin’s U.S. anniversary systemwide sales.”
Presently, Dunkin’ operates a absolute of 9,600 locations beyond its chain, accouterment abounding opportunities for barter to adore their coffee and refuel their vehicles.

However, the accommodation to abutting bottomward these outlets ability affectation challenges for Dunkin’ amidst the advancing COVID-19 pandemic. As abundance closures and bread-and-butter uncertainties appulse chump behavior, individuals are ascent aback on non-essential costs like coffee, which is generally advised a affluence item, and instead opting to acquirement their morning beverage from grocery stores.

Despite this, Dunkin’ Brands’ CEO, Dave Hoffman, accent the company’s charge to acceptable chump adventures through assorted avenues such as drive-thru locations, adaptable ordering, and commitment partnerships with platforms like GrubHub.
Given the alive mural brought about by the virus, area bodies accept beneath opportunities to adventure alfresco their homes, Dunkin’ aims to abide a antecedent of abundance for individuals in their times of need.

Hoffman emphasized, “For over 70 years, Dunkin’ has been an basic allotment of the communities we serve, befitting America active and demography affliction of our guests. Amidst the uncertainty, we’re continuing to be there for bodies by demography added measures to action abundance during these arduous times.”