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The husband secretly built a shed in the yard and did not let anyone in!

Charles Evans (82) is known to all his friends as LaLa. He says he still remembers the moment he first looked at his future wife, Louise. He says with a smile that it was definitely love at first sight. But when Louise passed away, LaLa was devastated, but she took that pain and invested it in building something wonderful and incredible… A museum behind the yard where he and his wife were happy for 59 years.

LaLa filled the museum with memories, the walls are covered with hundreds, maybe even thousands of pictures that the two of them and their family have taken over the years. LaLa confesses: “We even talked once, before she died, to make a museum where to put all these images.

I didn’t have time, but the idea stuck in my head so I said I would do it anyway. A few months after her disappearance, I told myself that I would turn into reality that dream we had together “.

In the images on the walls of the beautiful museum the two dance, LaLa was the one who taught his wife how to dance and since then this activity has defined their relationship. The man also says that his favorite memory is the photo taken during their last dance, this picture he keeps right at the entrance.

LaLa confesses: “Only now do I understand how much beauty there has been in our lives. When I look back I think: WOW, I LIVED! If anyone wants to visit our museum, I promise to dance with them. “

Here is a clip where you can see what this Museum that celebrates life, love, and beauty looks like in more detail: