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300 Million Year Old Screw Is Proof of A Lost Civilization!

A Russian research team known as the Kosmopoisk Group, which investigates UFOs and paranormal activity


claims to have found a one-inch screw embedded inside a rock that is 300 million years old. They say the Screw remains an ancient form of technology that proves extraterrestrials visited Earth millions of years ago.

300 Million Year Old Screw Is Proof of A Lost Civilization!

Discovery of the 300 million years old screw

The Russian scientists, by chance, discovered the strange artifact as they were analyzing after the fall of a meteorite in the Kaluga region, and they found a mysterious object that was similar to a modern-day screw.

The mystery behind the Screw

The fossil around the Screw is about 2 cm long. It was found in a scientific voyage conducted by a group called the Kosmopoisk group, a scientific research group responsible for conducting UFO-related research, cryptozoological research, and paranormal pseudoscience.

At first, they suited up and went to look for the remains of the meteorite that impacted the Kaluga region in Russia. Suddenly, they came across the Screw, and interestingly, after paleontological analysis, it turned out that the age of the stone was somewhere between 300 and 320 million years. The artifact was analyzed using X-Ray technology, which provided researchers with another shock. Allegedly another screw was present inside it.

Many scientists have tried explaining the origin and details of the Screw. A few scientists suggested that it could be the remains of Crinoids (Marine animals that make up the class Crinoidea of the echinoderms). Many refuse to believe we are looking at Crinoids even though this is the most accurate explication.

Various theories have been said regarding the Screw. Skeptics love to debunk discoveries like this one, offering a much more straightforward answer, suggesting that it’s nothing, probably the remains of an old factory, vehicle, or anything else that can make you, the reader, look elsewhere for answers, paying no heed to details such as the age, and region where it was found.

So what exactly is it? Is it just another crinoid? or a piece of evidence that extraterrestrial life was present on Earth millions of years ago?
How is it possible that a screw could have survived ‘intact’ for 300 million years?

These are several questions that still need to be answered to get a complete picture of this object. However, for now, the mystery of the 300 million years screw remains unfolded.