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Nanny Faye’s Cancer Diagnosis: What You Need to Know

The Chrisley family, famous for the hit television program “Chrisley Knows Best,” has been through a lot recently. Todd Chrisley recently revealed that his mother, Nanny Faye, has been given a cancer diagnosis in addition to the couple’s legal issues. Let’s examine what is known specifically about her heartbreaking diagnosis.

“The Revelation.”.
On a Chrisley Confessions episode that aired on June 16, 2022, Todd revealed the family’s cancer diagnosis for Nanny Faye. “My mother was diagnosed with bladder cancer, and she is currently receiving treatment,” he said as he started to speak. This has been something we’ve been tackling every week. “.

Remaining Silent.
Since the late fall of 2021, Nanny Faye has been dealing with her diagnosis, but she asked that no one else be made aware of it. Despite the family’s best efforts to keep it quiet, her illness was unfortunately made public during Todd and Julie’s trial. Todd lamented the intrusion of the media, saying, “The press has been hounding us, sitting outside our doors with long lens cameras, trying to get photos of us. “.

I Beg Your Privacy.
Todd made a sincere request for respect after discovering that the invasion of privacy also occurred at Nanny Faye’s house. He pleaded with the public and the media to comprehend that his mother, who is 77 years old and fighting for her life, is a very sick woman. The people doing this, Todd urged, “I would urge them to understand that she is in a battle for her life. “.

Not Giving Up Hope.
Todd expressed optimism about Nanny Faye’s recovery even though he didn’t go into specifics about her medical care. He stated, “I pray for God to keep a healing hand on her every day, several times a day. Todd emphasized that everyone faces difficulties in life, and that his family is not an exception.

Statement of Nanny Faye.
Nanny Faye had to testify during Todd and Julie’s trial. It was discovered that without Julie’s knowledge, she had given Nanny Faye ownership of “7C’s Productions.”. She claimed not to remember signing the documents proving she was the company’s owner. Nanny Faye insisted that she had no desire to be a shareholder or an owner and refuted the accusations made against her.

A Memory That Fades.
Nanny Faye had to be asked by the judge to stop calling the defense attorney “honey” throughout the trial. I’m getting up there in years, and I’ve had a lot of experiences, she said as an explanation for why her memory wasn’t as sharp as it once was. Some things I can’t remember. “.

The Pressure Nanny Faye is under.
It makes sense that the trial and all the stress that went along with it might have been too much for Nanny Faye given her illness. It is not simple to manage everything while fighting cancer.

Current Information.
The Chrisleys haven’t given any recent updates since Nanny Faye’s condition was made public. Fans, however, caught a glimpse of her in an Instagram post honoring Chase Chrisley’s engagement, where she was pictured cuddling with his future wife, Emmy Medders.