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A woman with cancer marries in a hospital, and her spouse falls apart as he looks into her eyes 18 hours later.

The wedding day should be filled with love, joy, and happy tears. Tens of thousands of marriages take place every day under these standards. The marriage of David and Heather Mosher, sadly, was anything but typical.

In 2015, when Heather and David first met, they fell in love. When the two first met, it was obvious they were meant to be. They were taking a dance class together.

On December 23, 2016, Dave got down on one knee and proposed to Heather. He did so as they traveled together in a horse-drawn carriage under the peaceful glow of the street lights.

Heather cheerfully responded “yes,” even though the good news for the two of them would soon be overshadowed.

On the day they got engaged, Heather revealed to David that she had a breast lump that might turn malignant.

She was devastated to learn five days later that her breast cancer was extremely aggressive and that her prognosis was not good.

The couple originally planned to wed on December 30, 2017, but they soon realized they would have to move the wedding date up due to the cancer’s quick progression.

The presence of metastases, or daughter tumors, frequently determines how serious a patient’s cancer is. The situation in Heather’s case rapidly worsened.

But on December 22, after Dave had proposed for over a year, it was finally time. While Heather was in the hospital, a stunning wedding was held in the presence of family and friends.

She was determined to marry her soul mate, according to Christina Karas, one of Heather’s closest friends, bridesmaid, and backup photographer. ”.

By that point, Heather’s body was so frail that her family was ready to simply use the dress as a blanket to cover her.

When she finally put the gown on inside the hospital chapel, the wedding could officially begin.

Even so, Heather had to put effort into every action—every word, every breath, and every movement. She found it difficult to summon the courage to make her vows.

She knew that these would be her final words, which was appropriate.

Christina pronounced, “It was a miracle.

She raised her arms and knew she was going to die, but she was happy. She only wanted a fun atmosphere.

Christina went on to say, “Everyone cried.”. Since we were aware that this was our final chance to be with her, we cherished every minute.

Despite the sadness and heartache that marred David’s day, it was also full of love.

She was lovely and comfortable, David remarked.

“I noticed her illness. She was clearly hurt, but she persisted and eventually married me. It’s amazing how much you can love someone. ”.

Heather exhales her final breath.

“Yes,” Heather replied, before leaving this world 18 hours later. Just turned 31, she.

The day Dave and Heather had originally planned to get married, December 30, saw the funeral for Heather at the Plantsville Congregational Church. The location for the wedding was precisely chosen by the couple.

It was a very difficult day, as Christina explains. A wonderful person has left the world. ”.

After that, Christina shared pictures of the couple that she had taken at their wedding. They have touched people’s hearts all over the world.

While there have been sad times for all parties involved, I’m happy that this story will hopefully serve as an example for many others.

It illustrates the strength of love, even in the face of hopelessness. People have an amazing will to live when they want to keep going after their goals.

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