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They arrived at the hospital to give birth to quintuplets, but the midwife discovered a huge lie.

Paul Servat was about to become a father, and he was both excited and terrified. He drove his girlfriend, Barbara, to the hospital so she could give birth.

Paul was not only going to be a father for the first time, but he would also have five children! Paul believed his girlfriend was nine months pregnant and ready to give birth. At the hospital, the father met the woman who would become his children’s midwife, but the woman informed Paul that he had been the victim of fraud.

Paul Servat met Barbara Bienvenue online, and after exchanging messages, the two met and began dating. Barbara had been in a relationship with him for two months when she told him she was pregnant. Paul was overjoyed to hear the news and excited to become a father.

Barbara later informed him that they were expecting twins. Paul grew increasingly eager to meet his children. Barbara’s belly grew more significant over time, and she finally told Paul they would have five children.

Paul was overwhelmed by the news but equally thrilled since he would soon become a parent. Paul also informed his parents that they would quickly become grandparents, and he was so pleased that he shared the news with his social media acquaintances. Future grandparents were as overjoyed with the information and began to prepare for their new roles as grandparents.

Paul has set aside a room with five beds for his children, ensuring they have all they require. He also received numerous donations to assist him in raising his five children. When Barbara’s due date arrived, Paul and his fiancée headed to the hospital to meet their children.

But Paul had no idea what was about to unfold.

The midwife arrived to perform blood tests on Barbara but was astonished to discover no pregnancy. Barbara was immediately brought for medical exams to determine what was wrong.

What was happening astonished Paul? He had already decided on the names of his children and was overjoyed at the prospect of being a father.


A condition known as “phantom pregnancy” appears to exist. The individual feels she has all of the pregnancy symptoms and will give birth.

We wish Paul happiness and the fulfilment of his ambition of becoming a father.