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Every Woman Should Know These 20 Tricks With Vicks VapoRub

Every Woman Should Know These 20 Tricks With Vicks VapoRub
It sounds so perfectly alluring that it sends chills down your spine, doesn’t it, a world where there would be a single medicine to cure everything?

Even though a drug of this kind has not yet been developed, there is something that comes close.

You probably already know that Vicks VapoRub is effective against colds and headaches. But this lotion has a ton of unimaginable hidden secrets.
Since Vicks VapoRub can be used for so many different things, we must admit that we are quite amazed by them ourselves. Nevertheless, we are eager to share them with you, so grab your notebooks and get ready to learn the Vicks VapoRub secrets!

  1. insecticide.
    The insect repellent works well.
    Even one mosquito won’t dare to bite you if you rub a little VapoRub on your skin or clothing!

Put a little Vicks VapoRub under your nose to quickly forget about that splitting headache of yours. Though it seems very simple, this strategy is very powerful.

  1. Acne.
    The simplest solution might put an end to your never-ending battle with acne. Vicks VapoRub can be applied to the affected areas several times daily, and you can watch the discomfort go away.
  2. False tears.
    Put some VapoRub under your eyes, and you’ll be able to fake tears like nobody’s business.
  3. Insect repellent.
    Similar to mosquitoes, none of the other insects really enjoy the Vicks VapoRub smell.
  4. Prevent bruises.
    Fresh bruises will heal and disappear faster if Vicks VapoRub is applied to them.

7.Seven Moisturizer.
Vicks VapoRub can be used in place of extremely expensive moisturizing lotions.

  1. Tennis elbow
    Use Vicks VapoRub until all pain is gone; it’s the best treatment for that tennis elbow of yours.
  2. Heels with cracks.
    If Vicks VapoRub is applied overnight, cracked heels will heal more quickly. Also aiding the process are some nice cotton socks.
  3. Nail fungus.
    Apply Vicks VapoRub to your finger or toenail twice daily to treat fungus and get rid of the unpleasant infection in no time.
  4. Congestion.
    Despite the fact that this recipe is well-known, we felt the need to remind you of it.
  5. Avoiding scratching.
    There is a solution if you’re sick of your cat scratching your favorite furniture or generally messing up your home. Just apply a small amount of Vicks Vaporub to the trouble spots and watch what happens.
  6. Tiny cuts.
    You can rub Vicks VapoRub on cuts to hasten the healing process.
  7. taming a racehorse.
    Rub some Vicks VapoRub below your horse’s nostrils if an important competition is coming up and you want them to stay focused. Your horse won’t be distracted by the aroma of a tasty lady horse any longer.
  8. stretch marks.
    If you use VapoRub every day, stretch marks are a battle you can win.
  9. Cat-repelling aptitude.
    There are times when nothing you do stops your cat from urinating in places where it shouldn’t. You can see results after just one open bottle of VapoRub in your preferred peeing spot!
  10. Eczema
    Yes, it also helps in this situation.
  11. Pain in the ear.
    Simply place some VapoRub on a Q-tip and insert it into your ear if you experience ear pain. The feeling of pain will vanish instantly.
  12. Athletic shoes.
    To eliminate those, apply VapoRub twice daily.