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Severe Acne Makes Woman Stop Having

Mandy Nazé experienced nodulocystic acne at 15.

She suffered from severe acne, with pus and discharge on her face, forehead, chest, neck, and back, causing her considerable discomfort. Months later, she discovered a cyst on her groin due to a persistent and painful skin condition that results in abscesses and scarring. This condition generally appears around the sweat glands with hair follicles in areas such as the groin, buttocks, breasts, and armpits.She even faced issues having sex because of it.She was left with a fear of intimacy, thinking her partner would be repulsed by her abscesses, cysts, and pimples. Despite trying various creams, the 29-year-old remained undiagnosed and rejected Accutane due to its side effects.She discovered a solution for her severe acne after her doctor suggested a Diane-35 pill. This medication is typically prescribed for acne that is unresponsive to other treatments.However, Mandy Nazé opted for another


option.After a decade on the pill, she switched to a naturopathic approach. Despite an initial worsening of her condition, she eventually found a natural solution that suited her. As per, that includes a wholesome diet, medicinal herbs, regular exercise, lymphatic massages, sauna sessions, and the use of vegetables and essential oils.She follows a healthy routine.She expressed: “The advice I would give to all those who suffer with skin disease is that it’s normal to devalue yourself sometimes but you have to believe that you are worth more than your skin. Love yourself because no one will do it better than you. Your body is not doing this to hurt you, it’s doing this to find a balance so you must help it. Do not hesitate to explore other treatment avenues. I often say ‘it’s not the quality of our skin that matters but the quality of our thoughts about it.’”