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AT&T outage impacting phone service for US customers

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AT&T acknowledged a widespread network outage across the United States, leaving customers unable to place calls, text or access the internet.
By the late morning ET, the company said 75% of the network had been restored. “We are working as quickly as possible to restore service to remaining customers,” it said.
While AT&T provided no official reason for the outage, the issue appears to be related to how cellular services hand off calls from one network to the next, an industry source said. There’s no indication the outage is a result of a cyberattack or other malicious activity, the source added.
T-Mobile and Verizon said their networks were unaffected by AT&T’s service outage, and customers reporting outages may have been unable to reach customers who use AT&T.
How to set up Wi-Fi calling on AT&T phones
From CNN’s Catherine Thorbecke

As the widespread outage persists, AT&T is encouraging users to use Wi-Fi calling until full service is restored. Wi-Fi calling lets users call and text using a wireless internet connection.

To set up Wi-Fi calling, users can go to their Settings app on their phone. iPhone users should tap “Cellular” and Android users should click “Connection” and then users will be prompted to turn on the Wi-Fi calling feature.

AT&T says on its website that there is no extra cost for this feature. Once set up, Wi-Fi calling works automatically when you’re connected to a Wi-Fi that you choose.