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When the bride stops in the aisle and slowly raises her hand, the groom, who is deaf, is confused.

When two souls come together, it’s a special moment in a person’s life that makes them want to go out of their way to make it a day to remember.


We assume that most of you have been to weddings, but the story of one bride who showed a lot of love for her partner really caught our attention.

Liz Shoesmith lives with her fiance Scott in the Australian town of Caringbah. Since Scott is deaf, they use sign language to talk. This one-of-a-kind thing made it harder to plan their wedding day.

But they didn’t give up because of these things. The caring couple planned every detail carefully so that they and their loved ones could enjoy the day. There was one thing that was a surprise.

Liz had worked hard to get ready for the man she was going to marry.

As the big day unfolded in all its glory, Liz stood at the entrance to the aisles, her poise and grace making her look beautiful.

She thought for a moment before she joined Scott at the holy altar. This pause shouldn’t be taken as a sign of second thoughts at the last minute.

Fear or hesitation had nothing to do with it. Liz was ready for a performance that would hold her attention, like a serenade. The air was filled with the beautiful melody of “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri, which set the mood for the space. Liz started her practiced recital in style, wearing an ivory dress with silver designs.

Liz’s fluid sign language helped her show how much the lyrics meant to her with every move. This show wasn’t made up on the spot; it took hours of practice.

Scott’s feelings rose up like a tide. As he watched his bride show how much she loved him through art, tears sparkled in his eyes.

Liz told Love What Matters, “I won’t lie, I was worried before the ceremony. From the moment our eyes met, my steady gaze gave us a moment, just the two of us.” Scott kept his emotions in check for a moment, but as he listened to the sad song, tears started to roll down his face. People have watched the video many times. Every time I watch it, I still feel a wave of emotions.

As Liz’s touching performance reached its peak, she joined Scott at the altar in a graceful way to show how much they both cared for each other. The people there who cared about Scott applauded Scott’s action.

Even though Scott may see things differently than other people, Liz’s beautiful performance made an impression on him that he will never forget.

Please watch the video presentation to get a glimpse of this exciting show;