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Details of O.J. Simpson’s estate emerge – left behind ‘less than’ millions

O.J. Simpson, Nicole Brown Simpson and O.J.’s children attend the Naked Gun 33 1/3 Premiere at the Paramount Pictures Studio Backlot in Hollywood, CA. (Photo by Barry King/WireImage)

After O.J. Simpson’s death, there have been many headlines in the news about him and his family. Now, it seems, details about his estate are emerging. Keep reading to know more!Keep reading to know more about this as well.

O.J. Simpson’s death has meant that his estate is now being taken into account. However, it seems that the estate was not as flush with cash as one would imagine!

According to his executor’s claims, it seems that the estate Simpson left behind is not even enough to pay off the debt he owed to Ron Goldman’s family.

We got Simpson’s longtime attorney, Malcolm LaVergne, who went on record to talk about the late controversial figure’s finances. He said Simpson died with less than five figures in one of his Nevada bank accounts, and in total, he died with less than ‘millions to his name.’


In his last days, OJ was said to be receiving the maximum amount of social security and pension from his time as an NFL star and actor. According to LaVergne, those payments were less than $400K a year.

While he said Simpson lived well after his time in prison, his lifestyle was still not as luxurious as some people may have imagined for a man of his size.

LaVergne mused that perhaps the signed memorabilia Simpson left behind might be of some worth. The attorney said, “One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. Maybe some people will say, look, even though this means nothing to me … some guy who is fascinated with O.J. and has a lot of money will pay $50 thousand for it.’”


LaVergne, who was initially against paying off Ron Goldman’s father, Fred Golman has recently said that he would be open to paying off the Goldman family with whatever it is the law required of him.

The Goldman and Brown families won a wrongful death lawsuit against O.J. Simpson in 1997. They were awarded $33.5 million back then, and now, over time, with interest, the payment has tripled and currently stands at $100 million.

LaVergne served as O.J.’s attorney for a long time and has now been turned into the executor of his estate. He has now acknowledged that Fred Goldman has a valid claim to the payment he seeks and is ready to meet with him and sort out the finances of how that will go.


It seems $100 million might not be available, but hopefully, a deal that is agreeable to both parties will be reached!