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Soap Opera Star Shares Sad News About His Pregnant Wife

General Hospital star Steve Burton has separated from his pregnant wife because he alleges that the unborn baby is not his. Although Burton has been married to Sheree Gustin for twenty-three years and had three children with her, he turned to Instagram Stories on Wednesday to share the shocking announcement that Gustin has gotten pregnant with another man’s baby. Burton portrayed the General Hospital role of Jason Morgan on the soap opera on and off from 1999 to 2021.


“I wanted to clear something up,” Burton said. “Sheree and I are separated. She recently announced that she’s expecting her fourth child. The child is not mine. We are still co-parenting our three beautiful kids. We would appreciate privacy at this time. Much luv, Steve.”

Until his revelation on Instagram, Burton had not spoken publicly about his separation from his wife. The pair married in 1999 and shared three children together, 18-year-old daughter Makena, sixteen-year-old son Jack, and seven-year-old daughter Brooklyn.
Gustin has not yet come forward to explain her side of the story.


Earlier this week, Burton used his Instagram account to share an update with fans in which he revealed that he was spending some quality time with his youngest child, Brooklyn. “Coffee time with the most beautiful girl,” he captioned the post, adding, “Have a great weekend.”
Gustin first shared news of her pregnancy on May 4, 2022. She shared a picture of her blooming baby bump along with the caption, “Life is full of surprises!” The post was reposted on a General Hospital fan blog, where it reached a lot of people who are fans of the soap opera.

Many General Hospital fans assumed that the baby was Burton’s and that the couple would be welcoming their fourth child into the family. Instead, Burton shocked fans with the news that another man had gotten his wife pregnant and that the baby was not his.
Meanwhile, Gustin continues to use her Instagram account to promote her fitness and nutrition business. On Monday, she shared a promotional post about business.


The last public picture of Burton and Gustin together was shared on Instagram on Christmas Eve, 2021. Prior to that post on Gustin’s account, the separated couple was seen together with their youngest daughter for a Thanksgiving post shared on November 25, 2021.
Meanwhile, Burton’s last photo of Gustin on his Instagram account was posted in April 2021. The family was pictured on vacation. A month prior to that, Burton and Gustin were photographed hugging each other in celebration of Gustin’s birthday.
“Celebrating this amazing woman today and every day! Happy Birthday, @1shereeburton,” he captioned the shot.
Burton made headlines last year when he left General Hospital after the show asked him to get a COVID-19 vaccine.
“I wanted you to hear it from me personally,” Burton said in on Instagram about losing his job over COVID-19 pride. “Unfortunately, General Hospital has let me go because of the vaccine mandate. I did apply for my medical and religious exemptions, and both of those were denied. Which, you know, hurts. But this is also about personal freedom to me.”