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This woman gave up her organ for her well-known husband; after 17 years of marriage, they got divorced because of his infidelity.

A woman, married to a famous comedian, eventually dissolved their marriage after she sacrificed an organ for him. The couple had a daughter together, but faced health issues and a life-or-death situation. The woman saved his life, but their marriage eventually fell apart.

Ann Serrano married actor George Lopez, whose kidneys failed in 2005, leading to a kidney transplant. Lopez’s biography, “George Lopez: Latino King of Comedy,” reveals he wanted his fame to keep his daughter, Mayan Lopez, from knowing about his health scare.

In 2005, George and his wife Ann were admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center under a false name. George was admitted with a kidney, but Ann was optimistic about his life, while George worried about their daughter’s future.

George Lopez and Ann Lopez divorced after 17 years together in 2010. George admitted to cheating on Ann during their marriage, and the couple faced backlash for ending their marriage. In a CNN interview, George admitted he deserved the backlash and that he and Ann seemed like the ultimate couple. In a TikTok video, Ann pointed out George’s role in breaking up with her. George later appeared on “The View” in January 2023, discussing his real-life family drama “Lopez vs. Lopez.” He admitted he didn’t want to open up about his personal life but needed to take accountability for his family’s fall apart. George and Ann went to therapy together to work on their issues. Despite the split, the ex-spouses remain cordial and hold each other dear.