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My husband of 30 years cheated. He now wants me to leave our home if I don’t like it. Who does that?

That’s is exactly what happened to me. I was married for 26 years and when I found out he had cheated on me he said, “you should leave, it’s my house.” I was furious. My father gave us the down payment for the house and helped me with renovations. He also stole from my fathers account when my father was dying (found that out much later when going through all the paper work). I stood up to him and said this isn’t your house, it’s mine. He was so mad that I was no longer believing any of his lies, that in a fit of rage he packed a bag and left. Best gift he ever gave me. He actually thought that I was going to let him move back in. NOPE! Turns out there were at least 5 different women that he was flirting with on line. One of those women had the status of queen size bed in one of her letters to him. Honey you can have him. There was so much that I found out later. How he deceived me at every turn. I’ve been divorced from this monster for 4 years and he’s the gift that keeps on giving. Just got home from a business/vacation trip and a overnight fed ex envelope was sent to my house in his name. He does this periodically. The cardboard envelope came from a company that handles employee payroll. He probably wants me to open it so that I can see just how much money he pays his employees compared to the pittance of alimony that I received. Don’t care! My freedom is a blessing and that envelope will be sent back to the company unopened. The house is completely in my name alone but he’s still acting like this is his address. Yes, I pay for title protection and monitoring. I seriously could write a book. He’s like a male cat spraying to mark his territory.