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My Husband Cheated on Me, So I Made Him and His Mistress Weep as My Revenge

My husband’s cheating turned me into a woman who went above and beyond to make him and his mistress pay. After more than a decade of what I thought was marital bliss, in a twist of fate, I discovered the truth about my husband. Read what made him and his mistress call me, begging me for MY help!

Living in the aftermath of discovering my husband’s infidelity was like trudging through a never-ending storm. My name is Maya, 54, and Steven, 55, and I have been for nearly two years.
All along I thought we were all happy and on the same page until I accidentally discovered he was cheating on me. One day he was in the shower when a message came through on his phone.
I absentmindedly picked up the device and read it.

Okay! Before you all jump to conclusions, I was NOT snooping! Steven’s and my phones were the same, and we’d gotten them about two days before. So the messaging and ringtones were still the preset ones. The message my husband received read:
“Can’t wait to meet up with you later for dinner. But dessert is the part of the menu that I most look forward to.”

My husband was taking a quick after-work shower because he allegedly had a “work meeting” with clients later on. In my denial, I took the number down. I decided to call the person who texted before confronting Steven or assuming the worst.
I acted normal when my husband, all dressed up and smelling good, said, “I’ll be late coming home. Don’t wait up for me, okay?” He kissed me goodbye, and as he drove off, I watched him through the window.
I dialed the number that had texted him earlier.

It turns out the person was a woman, a 22-year-old named Stella, who dared to insult me over the phone. I was the fool in the situation because she was fully aware that she was tearing my marriage apart!
Her words, sharp and unforgiving, haunted me: calling me an “ugly fat witch!” “I had a look at your social media profile picture, and I now understand why Stevie is cheating on you!” I was too shocked to respond as I tried to process the gall of this young woman who continued saying:
“You should also consider smiling less. When you do, your wrinkles pop out along with the ones on your dried-up forehead!”

She didn’t even give me a chance to respond as she said, “Thanks for the call, grandma. OUR MAN has been good to me for the past four years. Gotta go, meeting him in a few. Cheerio!” The phone went silent, and her words were a confirmation that my husband was off to meet her.
I was both furious and heartbroken to hear the truth. What I thought was a happy marriage was all a lie. I couldn’t help but cry as it all sank in. Despite the pain, I knew I had to rise from these ashes, stronger and more determined.

The decision to divorce my husband of fifteen years was agonizing but necessary. But I couldn’t just walk away—not without ensuring they understood the gravity of their actions! My revenge? It was calculated and cold and would change our lives forever!
On the day of my payback, I indulged in a small act of kindness towards myself. I had a piece of decadent chocolate to uplift my mood. With the chocolate melting on my tongue, I drove to Steven’s workplace.
What was going to be super sweet about my revenge was that I knew my ex-husband cherished his job, especially after getting the promotion he’d always wanted.

During the process of divorcing my husband, I discovered that Stella was his work colleague. That’s how they met. The previous weeks before my plan took place had been busy with planning and gathering evidence.
When Stella venomously confirmed their affair over the call I had with her, I recorded it. She unknowingly sealed their fate! I had also sent myself the inappropriate chats between Steven, Stella, and his colleagues.
He and some of his work colleagues had inappropriate chats and conversations where they discussed his affair with Stella. More damningly, the undeniable proof of their workplace romance breached company ethics.

As I stepped into his workplace’s human resources (HR) office, the weight of the manila folder in my hands felt like justice was about to be served. The HR manager, a stern woman with a no-nonsense attitude, listened as I laid out the evidence.
The recordings played, echoing Stella’s harsh words and Steven’s deceitful laughter. Screenshots of lewd conversations flickered on the computer screen, painting a clear picture of misconduct.

I also pointed out to the HR woman how my ex, Stella, and his colleagues’ behavior was creepy. I noted how it could lead to sexual harassment lawsuits, making the pair a liability to the company.
The HR manager’s voice cut through the tension. “This is deeply troubling, Mrs. Harper. We take these matters very seriously.” The woman promised that harsh steps would be taken against all the people implicated, especially Steven and Stella.
We shook hands before I left the office and headed to my new home.

When I got home, the gravity of the situation dawned on them. I received a call from Steven begging me in tears, saying, “Maya, please, this isn’t what it looks like. You have to come back to the office and explain things to the HR manager. We can discuss this—”
“Discuss?” I interrupted, the word sharp like a knife. “What is there to discuss, Steven? Your betrayal? Your lies?”
Stella’s voice chimed in, quivering with fear. “Maya, I’m so sorry, I didn’t think—”
“You didn’t think it would come to this?” I said, my voice cold and unwavering. “You should have thought harder.”

The decision had been swift. Both Steven and Stella were fired on the spot! Their careers, which they had placed above our marriage, crumbled under the weight of their choices. A serene calm settled over me.
I wished them a “happy life” together with the same coldness they had shown me and blocked their numbers. Now, as I sit here recounting this tale of betrayal and revenge, I turn to you, dear readers.

I executed a plan that not only punished them for their actions but also protected others from their toxic behavior. Yet, I find myself questioning: was my revenge justified, or did it cross a line?

What do you think? Did the scales of justice balance, or did I let the pain of betrayal turn me into someone I am not? Let’s discuss.