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I heard my husband talking about me to his family and I can’t stop crying

Arranged marriages are something that is very common in certain countries, and no matter what people think of this tradition, the truth is that most of these unions work perfectly.

A woman took to Reddit to share a story that touched the hearts of many.

She started by explaining that her marriage was an arranged one and she only got to date her future husband for two months before they tied the knot.

Their relationship resembled a fairy-tale. Some time later, she fell pregnant and they welcomed a baby girl.
Her husband decided to take a three-year leave from his father’s company in order to be able to support her through the pregnancy and early months of motherhood.

“He would always make me a bath, cook, clean, and always sit me down just to talk about how I feel,” OP recounted, highlighting the care and support that defined their relationship.

Her husband was so loving and caring, that she felt like she was living in a dream.

Not only her hubby, but both of their families, including not only their parents but also their many aunts and uncles, supported her through her pregnancy and helped her with her baby. It was a tight-knit community that adored each other and were there for one another whenever needed.

One day, during a family gathering at her in-laws, OP overheard her husband talking to his parents about her, and it was a moment that captured the essence of their relationship.

He described his life with her as the definition of happiness. His words were so gentle and full of love and affection that OP couldn’t stop her tears from rolling down her face. He further told his parents that waking up each day to the sight of his wife and daughter was a reminder of the life they’ve built together and that he couldn’t imagine spending a day without them. He then thanked them for their effort to arrange his marriage to her.

OP felt like the luckiest woman on Earth. She shared that she decided to surprise her husband with a date night.

“I will be telling him how much he means to me and tell him I love him,” OP wrote and shared that she would openly communicate her feelings with him.

Redditors took their time to comment under her post, with one of them writing, “Man this Reddit really has a 50/50 chance of a story being good or bad according to the headline lmao, thankfully it was the former. Thanks for sharing, it must be nice living with someone so caring and loving of his family!”

Another wrote, “I expected the worst but I am happily surprised. This is so cute and sweet. Don’t ever be afraid to write him a nice note, about how happy and thankful you are for him and your life together, and leave it somewhere he will see it and can keep it tucked away for himself.”

What a beautiful story of mutual love, understanding, and appreciation.