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The real ‘reason’ Meghan didn’t travel to Balmoral when the Queen died, according to royal expert

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle began dating, he knew she was the one, so he was quick to share that with the world.


According to royal experts, Harry was eager to introduce Meghan to his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, and he truly hoped she would approve of his relationship with the former actress.

To his delight, the Queen embraced Meghan, although she believed Harry was “perhaps a little over-in-love” with his new bride.

The relationship between Meghan and the Queen blossomed.

“[The Queen] liked Meghan and told lots of people so. And she did everything she could to make her future granddaughter-in-law feel welcome,” British broadcaster Gyles Brandreth wrote in the book Elizabeth: An Intimate Portrait, according to an excerpt of it, which was published in the Daily Mail.

Meghan and Queen Elizabeth attended a handful of royal engagements together and they seemed to enjoyed spending time together.

During an occasion, Meghan shared that the late Queen showed her warmth towards her and made her feel welcomed with a simple act of kindness which meant the world to the Duchess.

“We were in the car going between engagements. And she has a blanket that sits across her knees for warmth, and it was chilly,” Meghan recalled. “She was like, ‘Meghan, come on,’ and put it over my knees as well. And it made me think of my grandmother, where she’s always been warm and inviting and really welcoming.”

In June 2018, after Meghan joined the queen on a solo appearance, a source told US Weekly, “[Her Majesty] has a brilliant sense of humor. That’s one of the first things that brought her and Meghan closer. It’s that warm side of her that has made Meghan feel so at ease.”

Unfortunately, Queen Elizabeth died on September 8, 2022, and the news of her passing took the world by storm.

LONDON, ENGLAND – JULY 10: LONDON, ENGLAND – JULY 10: Queen Elizabeth II and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex watch the RAF 100th anniversary flypast from the balcony of Buckingham Palace on July 10, 2018 in London, England. (Photo by Paul Grover – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Prince Harry spoke of his beloved grandmother in an interview with 60 Minutes and gave details about the tumultuous hours surrounding her majesty’s passing.

“I asked my brother — I said, ‘What are your plans? How are you and Kate getting up there?’ And then, a couple of hours later, you know, all of the family members that live within the Windsor and Ascot area were jumping on a plane together,” Harry told Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes.

Harry only learned his grandma passed away as he landed, so he didn’t get the chance to see her alive for one last time.
“I walked into the hall and [Princess Anne] was there to greet me,” Harry told 60 Minutes. “And she asked me if I wanted to see her. I thought about it for about five seconds, thinking, ‘Is this a good idea?’ And I was, like, ‘You know what? You can do this. You need to say goodbye.’ So went upstairs, took my jacket off and walked in and just spent some time with her alone.”

Harry continued: “She was in her bedroom. [She] was actually — I was really happy for her. Because she’d finished life. She’d completed life, and her husband [Prince Philip] was waiting for her. And the two of them are buried together.”

In his all-tell memoir Spare, Harry wrote of his grandmother and her sudden passing.
In his memoir, Harry wrote more about getting to say his last goodbyes to the Queen.

“I stayed in one place without moving, gazing at her for a long time, gathered strength and continued going forward,” Harry recalled and added that he whispered a very precious thing to her.

“I hoped she was happy and that she was with grandpa,” he whispered to the Queen, telling her how he “admired her for having carried out her functions to the end… the Jubilee, welcoming the new Prime Minister.”

WIDNES, ENGLAND – JUNE 14: Queen Elizabeth II sits with Meghan, Duchess of Sussex during a ceremony to open the new Mersey Gateway Bridge on June 14, 2018 in the town of Widnes in Halton, Cheshire, England. Meghan Markle married Prince Harry last month to become The Duchess of Sussex and this is her first engagement with the Queen. During the visit the pair will open a road bridge in Widnes and visit The Storyhouse and Town Hall in Chester. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Further, Harry revealed details concerning his wife and explained how then-Prince Charles told him to come to Balmoral without his wife.

“…then my father called again. He told me I was welcome at Balmoral, but… without her. He started to explain his reasons, but they didn’t make any sense at all, and it was disrespectful as well. I did not tolerate it from him. ‘Don’t even think about talking about my wife like that.’ Repentant, he said, stammering, that he simply didn’t want the place to be full of people.”

“‘Nobody’s wife was going to go, not even Kate,’ he told me, ‘so Meg shouldn’t either,’” he concluded.

However, rumors are that the reasons behind Meghan’s absence at Balmoral on the day the Queen died could have something to do with Kate Middleton.

At around 2 pm on the day the Queen died, spokesperson of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex said Meghan planned to accompany her husband to Balmoral. However, the Queen died an hour and ten minutes later.

When photos of Kate in a car, picking up the children from Lambrook School emerged, Meghan changed her mind.

She was “like the Duchess of Cambridge,” staying at home, Omid Scobie, author of the controversial biography Finding Freedom tweeted.

As per the Daily Mail, Kate was the “reason” why Meghan didn’t travel. Because of the now-Princess of Wales, the Duchess “changed her mind.”

Meghan, of course, attended the Queen’s funeral.
In an interview with Variety following Queen Elizabrth’s deatd, Meghan Markle opened up about how she was mourning the late monarch.

“What’s so beautiful is to look at the legacy that his grandmother was able to leave on so many fronts. Certainly, in terms of female leadership, she is the most shining example of what that looks like. I feel deep gratitude to have been able to spend time with her and get to know her. It’s been a complicated time, but my husband, ever the optimist, said, ‘Now she’s reunited with her husband,’” Meghan said.

“I’ve reflected on that first official engagement that I had with her, how special that felt. I feel fortunate. And I continue to be proud to have had a nice warmth with the matriarch of the family.”

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