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Mel Brooks celebrates 97th birthday, will receive honorary Academy Award: “I am very happy to still be alive”

One of the greatest comedic actors of all time, Mel Brooks is known for his hilarious masterpieces like Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles, and The Producers.

In addition, Brooks is still going strong today, having just turned 97!

Also recently announced was the fact that he will receive an important honorary Academy Award this year!

One of the greatest living icons of show business, Brooks, who was born on June 28, 1926, has a career spanning 70 years. He started off as a television writer for Sid Caesar’s Your Show of Shows and co-created Get Smart.

His greatest fame and income, however, came from his work as a film director and screenwriter, beginning with the Oscar-winning The Producers.

Young Frankenstein and Blazing Saddles, two parodies that were both huge hits, are frequently mentioned among the best comedies of all time. Spaceballs, History of the World, Part I, Silent Movie, and Robin Hood: Men in Tights were among the other films he was responsible with.

The Producers’ Broadway adaption enjoyed tremendous success in 2001, winning a record-breaking 12 Tony Awards, including three for Brooks. This year, Brooks worked as a writer and producer on the Hulu series History of the World, Part II, a sequel to his masterpiece.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences revealed the recipients of this year’s honorary Oscars on Monday. The awards, in the words of academy president Janet Yang, honor “four trailblazers who have transformed the film industry and inspired generations of filmmakers and movie fans.”

This year’s honorees include Mel Brooks in recognition of his extensive and legendary career. Yang stated that Mel Brooks’ comedy “lights up our hearts” and that his legacy “has made a lasting impact on every aspect of entertainment.”

This honor is usually presented to notable people who haven’t won an Oscar, although Brooks had already won a major Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for The Producers in 1969.

He received nominations in 1975 for both Best Adapted Screenplay for Young Frankenstein and Best Original Song for the Blazing Saddles theme song.

Brooks is the uncommon “EGOT” (winner of all four major entertainment honors), having taken home four Emmys, three Grammys, and three Tony Awards.

Among those honored with honorary Oscars this year are Carol Littleton, Michelle Satter, the founding senior director of the Sundance Institute’s Artist Programs, and cinema legend Angela Bassett.

Yang praised the renowned actress, who was previously nominated for her portrayal of Tina Turner in What’s Love Got to Do With It? and last year’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. “Across her decades-long career, Angela Bassett has continued to deliver transcendent performances that set new standards in acting,” Yang said of the actress.

The renowned comedian also took the opportunity to reflect on his early days in the entertainment industry and express his satisfaction with how things turned out.

First of all, he chuckled, “I am quite glad to still be alive.

“But secondly, it is so nice to be recognized by my peers in The Academy over 50 years after my last Oscar,” he continued.

The renowned comedian also took the opportunity to reflect on his early days in the entertainment industry and express his satisfaction with how things turned out.

“Many years ago, I was given the option of working as a coffee runner in the entertainment industry or as an apprentice accountant. Still, I’m glad I went with the coffee.

Happy birthday to the legendary Mel Brooks! His comedy masterpieces Young Frankenstein and Blazing Saddles still make us laugh decades later, and there is no one more deserving of an honorary Oscar.

Happy 97th birthday to Mel Brooks, and thanks for sharing this tale!