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Sad news about Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne, lead singer of Black Sabbath, has struggled with his health over the past few years.


Everything for the renowned singer went south after his quad-bike tragedy in 2003. Later in 2019, he experienced yet another potentially fatal accident when he slipped and broke metal screws in his spine while falling in his restroom.


Ozzy recounted, “I walked into the restroom in the middle of the night, lost my balance, and fell down on my face.

“As I hit the ground, I saw a big white light and thought, ‘You’ve finally done it now.’

I softly said to Sharon, ‘Sharon, I can’t move,’ since I understood it was a serious situation and believed I was paralyzed. I think I might have fractured my neck. To summon an ambulance, dial 9-1-1.

His wife Sharon Osbourne recently disclosed that the musician is due to have yet another procedure, which would probably “determine the rest of his life,” although she withheld any other information.

When Ozzy was a drug user back in the day, the surgeon had to use four times the usual amount of anesthesia when performing a surgery on him. The musician apparently answered the doctor’s perplexed question about why he wasn’t asleep. Ozzy referred to the anesthetic episode in an interview with the radio station Sirius XM by saying, “I had a method while I was doing all of this s***.” The patient was then given “two full syringes,” or two doses of medication, to put him to sleep for the procedure.

Ozzy broke his terrible habits years ago, although he occasionally fell back into them.

He recently disclosed that he previously spent $600 on marijuana at one of California’s authorized dispensaries. Even though he ultimately decided against using it, it was near.

“When I got it, I wondered, ‘What the *** did I buy that for?’” How many ounces? I have no reason to smoke since I just received Covid. I had a thought along the lines of “that would be good,” which was one of those. I never did, though.

Speaking of what kept him sober, the musician said he had to be honest with himself and had his family’s complete support.

We wish Ozzy Osbourne well in overcoming any obstacles in the road of his return to performing and recording music.

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