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Bruce Springsteen Cancels Remaining Shows in 2023 ‘Out of an Abundance of Caution’

Bruce Springsteen won’t be performing in the near future. He took to his social media on Wednesday (September 27) to announce the cancellation of his remaining 2023 tour dates while he recovers and continues treatment for peptic ulcer disease – a condition he was diagnosed with earlier this year.

“Bruce Springsteen has continued to recover steadily from peptic ulcer disease over the past few weeks and will continue treatment through the rest of the year on doctor’s advice,” the statement read – adding that the canceled tour dates were ‘out of an abundance of caution’ and the band will return in 2024.

They confirmed that all canceled shows will be rescheduled at a later date and at the original venue – those dates will be announced next week and will include the shows that were postponed earlier this month. Those who can’t make it to the rescheduled show will receive a refund if requested within 30 days.

Bruce Springsteen added a personal message to his fans at the bottom of the statement: “Thanks to all my friends and fans for your good wishes, encouragement, and support. I’m on the mend and can’t wait to see you all next year.” We all know how much he loves to perform, so we can’t wait to have him back!


The news comes just four days after Springsteen celebrated his 74th birthday – for those in New Jersey, Bruce Springsteen Day falls on his birthday (September 24) every year. It also marked the final day of summer this year, making it quite a momentous birthday for one of the biggest rock stars of all-time.

While Springsteen hasn’t opened up about what his symptoms are, when his symptoms started to appear, or how much pain he’s in, he originally announced his diagnosis in early September when he was forced to cancel the remainder of his September tour dates at the direct recommendation of his medical team.

What was originally supposed to be an eight-show postponement has now turned into a four-month postponement – but it’s all for the best as he continues to receive treatment. He and the E Street Band set out on this tour on February 1 – his first tour since 2017 – and it included 66 concerts in 51 cities.

More About the Disease That’s Holding Bruce Springsteen Back
When Bruce Springsteen came forward and announced he was diagnosed with peptic ulcer disease, many people had the same question – what is peptic ulcer disease and how serious is it? Don’t worry, it’s a rather common disease that affects roughly four million people every single year around the world.

In fact, roughly 10% of the population will experience peptic ulcer disease at least once in their life and nearly 1 in every 3 people who experience it won’t have any pain. Commonly referred to as a stomach ulcer, a peptic ulcer is an open sore that forms in the stomach lining or first part of the small intestine.

The two primary causes of peptic ulcer disease are infection with Helicobacter pylori or the use of NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) – aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen sodium, etc.. Common symptoms of a peptic ulcer include stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, feeling bloated or full, and/or bloody stools.

Once found, peptic ulcer disease is extremely easy to treat and generally doesn’t result in complications – though it might take some time for the patient to make a full recovery. While Bruce Springsteen might not perform for the rest of the year, he’ll be back and he’ll be ready to give us the type of show we expect!