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«The Pretty Woman is not the same!»: Camera lenses captured rounded Roberts and left everyone speechless

The fans were horrified to see the Pretty Woman in these photos! 

😱😳Paparazzi showed what the Hollywood actress looks like in a bikini! 🧐😬

It is not for no reason that Julia Roberts played the lead role in «Pretty Woman». Millions of viewers were secretly in love with this timelessly beautiful and charismatic actress. Her charming smile and kind-heartedness captivated everyone.

However, it seems as if time has already taken its toll on this Hollywood actress. Camera lenses have recently caught the noticeably rounded actress and shared the scandalous photos with the fans. To say that they were speechless is nothing to say.

«Our favorite Pretty Woman is not the same», «What happened to the iconic cinema legend?»,  «She completely let herself go!», «Time has already taken its toll on this actress!», «I hardly recognized her here».