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‘Harry Potter’ fans horrified after spotting adult joke we all missed in 4th movie

Who’s ready to have their childhood ruined? Because it turns out that there’s an adult joke in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire that we’ve all completely overlooked.

Harry Potter was a staple for most of us growing up, and let’s be honest, they’re the sort of films that we’d happily sit back and watch every time they’re on.

With the final installment coming out in 2011 (I know, we’re getting old), the Harry Potter craze hasn’t slowed down, because now there are spin-off movies, studio tours, and even theme parks dedicated to the franchise.

But the more we watch the movies, the more we begin to notice – particularly things that went right over our heads when we were young.

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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is the fourth installment in the hit franchise. Credit: Dave Hogan/GettyFor those few who are unaware, the fourth Harry Potter movie is The Goblet of Fire, and it centers around the Triwizard tournament taking place at Hogwarts.

Among those competing is Viktor Krum, and he strikes up a romance with Hermione – much to Ron’s displeasure.

Well, this is where the “adult” nature gets involved because as Harry and Hermione stand on the famous bridge in the castle, the conversation takes an unexpected turn.

Check it out for yourself below:

When discussing the upcoming trials in the tournament, Harry says: “I suppose Viktor has already figured it out,” to which Hermione responds: “Wouldn’t know, we don’t actually talk about the tournament.”

She ponders for a moment, before adding: “Actually, we don’t really talk at all. Viktor’s more of a physical being.”

After a brief pause and a sly smirk from Harry, Hermione soon clocks on to what she has said and laughs it off… but it’s easy to see how it can get misinterpreted.

It should be noted that although the joke definitely alludes to some adult things going on, these are still school children after all and Hermione follows up her comments by clarifying that he isn’t very emotional and just watches her study, which she finds annoying.

That being said, it hasn’t stopped the comment from going unnoticed, as people revealed their shock that a joke like this featured in one of the movies.

One person said: “Never even noticed that before, and I have watched this movie so many times! Never thought Hermione had that side of her.”

A second person added: “I never noticed Harrys smile at what she said,” while a third said: “How did I not notice this joke for what it actually meant??”