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When her gospel voice fills the room, the nervous teen takes a deep breath and all four judges press their buttons.

Somer Smith, a 19-year-old singer, was both excited and scared when she learned she had been



chosen to compete in The Voice: Australia blind auditions. She had previously only performed in front of her family. She was about to perform on national television in front of famous judges Delta Goodrem, Joe Jonas, Kelly Rowland, and Boy George.

Despite her dread, Somer is determined to overcome her fears and pursue her passion. All she wants to do in her pre-audition interview is turn one of the judges’ chairs. She chose an old Gospel song composed in 1905 for her audition, “His Eye Is on the Sparrow.”

Somer steps onto the stage, apparently anxious. The judges can sense her nervousness as she takes a few seconds to calm herself down. Even though she begins timidly, Somer’s voice quickly grows louder and more assured.

Coach Delta Goodrem is the first to notice Somer’s voice’s power and talent and presses the button to turn her chair. Kelly Rowland and Boy George swiftly follow suit, turning their chairs, and Joe Jonas is not far behind.

Somer’s deep, strong voice fills the room, and the audience begins applauding her. She clearly puts her heart and soul into her performance and becomes thoroughly immersed in the song. The judges watch this little girl lay it all on the line almost reverently.

When Somer concludes, she receives a standing ovation from both the audience and all four judges. All of the judges give her wonderful recommendations and exchange barbs in an attempt to get her to join their squad.

Delta says to her, “We’ve just discovered a star in you.”

“Your voice is the reason I joined this show,” Joe Jonas says. “You had a lovely tone right away, and it was quite forceful.”

The crowd applauds in agreement once all of the judges have spoken. While she had hoped for just one judge to flip a chair for her, all four ended up doing so. She had to make a choice now. Somer eventually decided to join Team Kelly.

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