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Mom felt weird 6 weeks after giving birth, goes back to doctor and takes ultrasound scan

Four Tests Later…

Her bewilderment soon turned into utter shock. The first test showed she was positive and indeed pregnant. It took an additional three tests (four in total!) before Eliza could manage to accept the unlikely fact that she was indeed pregnant.


And it gets more astounding. When Ben and Eliza visited the doctor, they discovered that not only was she indeed pregnant — she was carrying twins! It looked like tiny Charlie would soon assume the role of big sister — to two identical twin boys.

Needless to say, the couple was shocked — but they were also excited.
Despite their unimaginable surprise and the daunting task of already caring for one small baby, Ben and Eliza ploughed through.

Eliza did an amazing job and brought her twins to a 36 weeks term before the young couple welcomed their daughter’s ever so slightly younger brothers into the world.

The twins were named Wolfe George Harry and Jack Antony Richard. Their blessed arrival meant the family grew from two to five in less than year!
Needless to say, caring for not one, but three children under the age of one has been a challenge, but Eliza and Ben are champs.


Eliza has since started her very own blog,Twingenuity, documenting their hectic but exciting new adventures as a family that saw itself transformed so quickly.

Despite these daunting challenges, Ben and Eliza’s love for each other remained steadfast and the two have announced that they are planning to tie the knot soon!
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